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Mandate and Function

Our Mandate and Functions Include

  • To provide support, mentoring and opportunities needed for researchers in postdoctoral or early career and senior academics to develop their careers effectively.
  • To create database for Research centers, Research groups, Centre of Excellence and grants awarded to Faculty members within the University.
  •  To facilitate Research collaborations and Linkages.
  • To source for research grants and facilitate financial accountability in the administration of grants and research-related contracts.
  • To organize seminars, conferences, workshops, research fair and exhibition.


  • To facilitate and enhance partnerships and collaborations between researchers within the University and government, industries, NGOs and other Tertiary Institutions within and outside the country

Innovation and Discovery
  •    To facilitate Patenting and commercialization of research innovation and inventions.

Student support
  • To organize innovative competition among students in the University.

  • Development and construction of prototypes and sponsoring of outstanding ideas as adjudged by the Directorate.